Who we are:

We are an Archdiocesanwide young adult group and our mission is to aid young adult Catholics in Louisville, KY in their ongoing encounter with Christ through spiritual talks, prayer, and fellowship.

We want to help provide the next step for those graduating out of youth group and are still seeking community and spiritual nourishment with same-aged individuals (18-35). We hope to achieve these ends by hosting a monthly pub night talk event (Distilled Doctrine) for our ongoing intellectual formation and a monthly Holy Hour event (Christ in the City) to deepen our relationship with Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament and through the power of confession.

We believe that fellowship is intrinsically important for young Catholics because of our human need for relationship and to have opportunities to bear witness to one another in our encounter with Christ and be better equipped to evangelize to the world.

We believe we are all called to sainthood. In the words of our Holy Father Pope Francis: ” To be saintsis not a privilege of a few, but a vocation for everyone.”

Are you ready to accept the call?


Please check out our Facebook page so you can follow us there (click here.)

You can also follow us on Instagram (@louisvilleyoungcatholics) and/or on Twitter (@louyoungcath).

Sign up here if you like to recieve email flyers from us to inform you of our upcoming events .

Have any questions for us?  Feel free to shoot us an e-mail at louisvilleyoungcatholics@gmail.com.

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